Quick Hits From a Las Vegas Weekend

I took a nice three-day vacation the past weekend out to Las Vegas, one of my favorite places in the world.  You know the old saw about “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”?  For the most part, I’m going to adhere to that sentiment here.  However, I do have a few thoughts to share from the weekend.

The Customer Is Not Right, So Get Out!

I stayed at the new Aria Hotel for the first time, which is overall a terrific addition to the MGM Mirage family of properties.  Beautiful place.  I was comped on the room, so the price was definitely right for me, but even still, the rates are reasonable for how upscale and modern the hotel is.  I was really, really, really impressed by the place.

With one exception…

Saturday night, I called the front desk to arrange for a late check out.  This is standard operating procedure in Vegas, especially for a casino-invited guest.  Instead of the normal 12pm check out, I was told that I could have a 2pm check out. Fine by me, that’s better than some of the properties will give you.

Only problem was that there was a knock on the door at 10am, a hotel staffer asking me when I was leaving.  And not in the tone of “Mr. Nassi, when you leave, can we drive you to the airport?”  This was a tone of “Mr. Nassi, why are you still here?”

I shooed the staffer away and returned to bed.  Later, at 1:30pm, after I’d showered and dressed and packed my things, there was another knock on the door.  This time, it was a supervisor. “Mr. Nassi, you ARE checking out today, aren’t you?”

Apparently the late check out arrangement didn’t make it into the computer properly.  The supervisor apologized and left me alone, but it still left a sour taste in my mouth.  It’s not like I can reasonably complain, seeing as how it was a free room and all.

I will gladly return to Aria in the future, chalking this to a one-off glitch.

“You can check-out any time you like, but you can never leave!” – Hotel California, by The Eagles

The Saddest Place on Earth

In stark contrast to Aria, there is the Imperial Palace.  Long story of why I was in the Imperial Palace, and now I know why I will never again go back to “The IP”.  If Disneyland is the happiest place on Earth, then the Imperial Palace is the exact opposite.  I was sure I was going to get shived when I went to the restroom.  I felt particularly sorry for Ricardo, the Chilean dealer at the Let It Ride table; he looked like he was so beaten down by life.

Welcome to the World Series of Poker

By the way, don’t play Let It Ride.  It’s an evil table game.  You’re better off simply handing $6.00 over to the casino every two minutes.  Save everyone (like Ricardo) a lot of trouble.

The World Series of Poker

This was the first time in all of my trips to Las Vegas that I was in town while the World Series of Poker was in play.  I had the chance to wander around the Rio and watch a few tables of WSOP tournaments from the rail.  The size of the fields are massive, your mind cannot understand the magnitude until you see it in person.

Now, mind you, watching other people play poker is mind-numbingly boring.  I had the opportunity to meet several of the poker bloggers who were there, and I don’t know how they do it day in and day out.  Much respect to the bloggers, who are also a blast to hang out with if you ever get a chance to meet a gaggle of them.

Special link to I Had Outs, since I now know how much she likes when people link to her blog 🙂

And Finally…

I leave you with this, from the Liberace Museum.*  I encourage you to link to this picture whenever possible, and turn it into a new Internet meme.  It’s the new Rickroll, I’m telling you.

The New Rickroll

*You’re probably wondering why I allowed myself to be dragged to the Liberace Museum.  I justified it to myself as being a scholarly exercise, studying a piece of American culture, drawing back to my college days as an American Studies major.  Thankfully, the place was closing for the day when we arrived, so we never made it past the gift shop.  The gift shop was more than enough culture for me, thank you very much.



    Why do you not appreciate great things?

    1. I know we see eye to eye on a great many number of things in life, but these are two items where I will respectfully disagree. Both the Liberace Museum and the Imperial Palace are where hope goes to die. They remind me of The Nothing from The Neverending Story.

  2. About the Imperial Palace…

    Julia and I went there during our last trip for her birthday back in May. When we walked in, I swear it was like I went back in time. All of the decor reminds me of an age during the late 60s/early 70s when “oriental” was considered to be exotic and chic and whatever other adjectives are appropriate. I swear I thought I would see Dan Tanna questioning some guy in a dark corner of that place.

    Why were we there? Hash House a Go-Go, my friend. If you like breakfast food with a twist, you have to brave the past to head to the future. It’s at the back of the casino floor, up the escalator, and totally worth it. So much food, I couldn’t finish it all, and it was delicious!

    1. I have no intention of ever returning to the IP, no matter how much you tell me about this Hash House a Go-Go place. IP sucks your will to live.

      My brother is going there in September, and I’m trying to convince him to switch hotels. I’m even offering to go to Vegas WITH him so that I’ll put us up somewhere decent. You know… as if I need an excuse for going to Vegas.

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