Fanboy Fail

How long will I wait?

I feel like such a failed Apple fanboy, being in the office on the morning of iPhone 4 launch day, instead of being in line.  I do have a reservation at the Valley Fair (San Jose) Apple Store, and as soon as I finish up a handful of morning meetings, I’ll be heading over to wait in line.

Hopefully by the time I get over there, the line will have been defused a bit.  I saw a video of the line that wraps around the entire front side of the mall.

Expect to hear more from me on the topic as the day goes on, and I’m sure I’ll do at least a brief write-up of the experience this evening/tomorrow.


  1. I wouldn’t count on it. The average at Oakridge was 5 hours from back of the line to iPhone in your hand. I’m sure it’ll be the same on into the night. When the 3G came out, Julia and I waited weeks after launch and the line was still 3 hours long.

    1. C’est la vie. I’ll have my iPad with me, will be able to do a bit of email and other assorted work. A co-worker picked his up this morning in SF at the store in the Marina, said he got there at 6am and was out the door with it at 7:30am.

      I should’ve gone for the Los Gatos store, I think.

  2. Well, I’m gonna keep a weather eye on your updates, Jason – I’ll be in that line tonite. I want the phone, but not THAT badly — if it’s more than a couple hours I’m just gonna chuck it and have something delivered eventually.

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