Best Taxi Ride Ever

A quick story about our taxi ride from Mandalay Bay to Planet Hollywood last night…

We get in the taxi, and the driver immediately peels out of the Mandalay Bay parking structure, utter disregard for the speed bumps. He then drives at excessive speeds, taking corners much too tight for comfort, and generally has me reaching for the non-existent “Oh shit” handles.

He takes a shortcut through City Center, where he again has utter disregard for speed bumps, not to mention stop signs. At this point, when he gets stuck at a red light, he turns up the music for our benefit, blasting a Billie Jean at levels that have the cab shaking. Other cars around us are peeling at us, ‘Who is this obnoxious crowd who wants everyone to know that Billie Jean is not their lover?’. The cab driver is even pumping his breaks in time with the music.

When we reach the Planet Hollywood parking structure, he’s slaloming his way through the tunnel like he’s racing Formula One. When we’re finally ejected from the taxi, we were high on adrenaline. I’ve never been on such a fast trip down the Strip.

“Can we do that again???”

EDIT: A short video, courtesy of Ray Lallana. You can hear the volume of the music, and you can see me at one point in the front seat reaching for the Oh Shit handle that wasn’t there.


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