No One Cares About My Fantasy Football Team

Fantasy sports, especially fantasy football, is big business.  It’s here to stay.  And we all talk about it to each other, in spite of the fact that no one cares about your fantasy team but you.

That being said… I’m going to talk about my fantasy football team.  So, since no one cares but me, I’ll be the only person reading any further into this post.  Feel free to walk away, check back on my blog the next time I post something that matters to anyone other than me.  I’ll understand.

If you’re still reading this far, here’s the deal.  This year, I’m in two fantasy football leagues — one with some poker buddies, one with co-workers.  Tonight was the draft for the poker buddies league.  Tomorrow night is the co-workers draft.

Roger Goodell's Worst Nightmare

This team is Roger Goodell's worst nightmare.

The poker buddies league, named “Balls Of Shame” for whatever reason that someone came up with, is an 8-team league that includes at least 3 fantasy football neophytes.  Always makes for an adventure.  The lineup settings were a little different than I was used to, and I haven’t really studied up on the scoring system.  Because it’s a group of degenerate gamblers, there are all sorts of proposition bets and ways to chop up the pot.  I didn’t even bother to try to keep up with all the permutations; I’ll take the philosophy of “Just win, baby!”

Brief details on structure:  16 round snake draft with 8 players; starting lineup is 2 QBs, 2 RBs, 3 WR, 1 WR/TE flex, 1 K, 1 Defense/Special Teams, and 6 bench spots. Scoring looks pretty standard at my first glance.

Here’s the results of my draft, with commentary mixed in where appropriate:

  1. RB Ray Rice, BAL (4th overall)
  2. RB Maurice Jones-Drew, JAC (Concerns about his knee kept him dropping, not to mention 4 QBs taken among the first 12 picks)
  3. WR Brandon Marshall, MIA (I’m a little worried about his QB, but Marshall’s still a beast)
  4. WR Roddy White, ATL (So long as QBs went early, might as well gobble up the great WRs)
  5. WR Greg Jennings, GB (Okay, this is getting a little ridiculous on the WRs)
  6. RB Cedric Benson, CIN (Insurance for MJD and bye week coverage, plus he was just too good to pass up this deep in the draft)
  7. QB Ben Roethlisberger, PIT (Hmm, my first QB and he’s sitting out at least the first 4 weeks plus a bye in Week 5…)
  8. QB Kyle Orton, DEN (And his beard)
  9. QB Vince Young, TEN (My RBs and WRs had better turn in monster seasons…)
  10. DEF/ST Minnesota (The run on defenses was starting; Jared Allen will get his sacks, and Percy Harvin will pick up some special teams points)
  11. TE Tony Gonzalez, ATL (I didn’t actually need a tight end for the WR/TE flex spot, but he was better than the next best WR; Jason Witten was also available, and it was a coin flip)
  12. K Stephen Gostkowski, NE (Token member of the Patriots)
  13. QB Jay Cutler, CHI (Just in case all my other QBs suck and he winds up lighting it up in the Mike Martz offense)
  14. RB Thomas Jones, KC (Very solid pick as a 4th RB this late in the draft)
  15. WR Santonio Holmes, NYJ (Who needs the waiver wire in the second half of the season when you have players on your bench coming backfrom suspension???)
  16. WR Vincent Jackson, SD (Who needs the waiver wire in the second half of the season when you have players on your bench coming back from contract holdouts AND suspension???  Derrick Mason was the safe choice here… why start playing it safe in the 16th round, though?)

Feast or famine with the depth and the quarterbacks.  My strategy seems to have been high-risk, high-reward.  Hopefully, Roethlisberger and Holmes will serve as nice reinforcements in mid-season when they come back from their respective suspensions.  Vincent Jackson will have to serve a suspension when he finally reports to a team, but he could be a beast in the second half of the season if he comes back to San Diego, or gets traded to a team with a halfway decent QB situation.

Let’s face it, any time you can draft THREE players who are serving NFL suspensions, you have to do it.  My new team name is Goodell’s Nightmare.


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