And How Was Your Day?

Yeah, that's how I felt today, too.

My day today wasn’t so good.  I took a sick day from work, due to some Crohn’s disease symptoms making my life miserable throughout the morning.  Have no fear, though… that’s not what today’s blog post is about, because it’s not something you want to read about; and, also, I’m feeling better throughout the afternoon and should be fine to go back to work tomorrow.

What I wanted to write about today is how nice it was to spend a day at home with nowhere to go and nothing to do.

My day was productive in an extremely relaxing way.  Here’s what I did all day:

  • Nap
  • Read a book — Dead Spy Running, by Jon Stock
  • Listen to music — Band of Skulls, Cage the Elephant, The Heavy, The Bravery, Muse, One Republic, etc.
  • Watch TV — Don’t bother watching The Cape, I gave up halfway through the pilot
  • Surf the web
  • Wear sweats
  • Not shave

Now, granted, I did a little bit of email for work, the bare minimum.  Not so much that I had to use my brain very much.  That’s the whole point of PTO (Paid Time Off) — don’t use your brain if you can help it!

Being a lazy bum was terrific.  Looking back over the calendar, December 18th was the last time I had a lazy day like this.  For someone who’s spent many, many years being lazy, it was nice to revert to my old ways just for one day after the past several months.

I highly recommend giving yourself a lazy day every now and again — preferably without it being caused by inflammatory bowel disease!

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