The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

Here’s a quick recap of my weekend.

The Good

Aren't we cute?

April came out for the weekend for my company’s holiday party.  We had a great time Friday night, and we spent a terrific Saturday together.  I can’t tell you how much this woman means to me.  To give you just a glimpse, here on Sunday, I dropped her off at the airport before 12pm… but leading up to that:

  1. She baked me an apple pie, a leftover from my birthday.  Look, people, anytime a girl bakes you a pie, she’s a keeper.
  2. She asked me if she could borrow a Patriots jersey.  I gave her my Tom Brady jersey to wear on the plane back to Houston.  Despite the fact that my team lost today in the playoffs, my girl was supporting my team.  That’s HUGE.  She would mean the world to me even if she wasn’t indulging me by supporting my teams.  I can’t tell you how blessed I feel.
  3. And a lot more… April, I love you so much.

And, a consolation prize on Sunday, I had a chance to commiserate with my brother Mark about the Patriots, and to Skype with his wife and kids.  Seeing my niece and nephew warms my heart after a heartbreaking loss.

The Bad

  1. April went back to Houston.  I was tempted to not bring her back to the airport.  I mean, really, what could she do?  If I didn’t drive her to the airport, she’d be stuck here, and then I win, right?
  2. The New England Patriots lost.  Bad enough, especially with the amount of trash-talk I’ve been doing over Twitter… but it also cost me $20 to Joey Parsons.

The Ugly

  1. See #2 in The Bad.
  2. April forgot her iPhone in my car when I dropped her off at the airport.  FedEx is good, but it’s not cheap to send a package next day over Federal Express.  As the guy at the FedEx Office location said, “The price has gone up in 2011.”

So… when do pitchers and catchers report?  Boston Red Sox, all the way in 2011!


As I was typing this up, I was texting with a good friend, a fellow Patriots fan.  While we are both disappointed in the outcome of today’s game, we are both in good places in our lives.  When it’s all said and done, the sports element pales in comparison to the other things we have to be thankful for in our lives.  We can smile to ourselves when we talk about our respective ladies, and feel warmth in our hearts when we recognize true friends.  Miss you, bud, and I miss all of my old friends where the distance keeps us from hanging out.


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