Mad Libs: On The Track of Bigfoot

I wanted to come up with a super-easy blog post tonight, since my brain is pretty fried.  I turned to the Internet for help, with a Google search for “mad libs”.  I landed on Wacky Web Tales, and then I chose On The Track of Bigfoot as my story.

Here were the prompts, along with the words I supplied:

I'm kind of a big deal.

  • adjective – spooky
  • your city or town – Los Gatos
  • adjective – clumsy
  • plural noun – bobcats
  • food (plural) – grapes
  • singular noun – great white shark [That one’s for you, April]
  • teacher – Your Mom [maybe I could’ve come up with an actual teacher here…]
  • adjective – squishy
  • singular noun – elbow
  • friend – Ray Lallana [That’s what you get for doing a Foursquare checkin right at that moment, Ray!]
  • past tense verb – evaporated
  • exclamation – Zoinks!
  • body part (singular) – left pinky toe [It’s the one that went wee-wee-wee all the way home]
  • favorite expression – I’m kind of a big deal. [Ron Burgandy is one of my heroes]
  • your principal – Mr. Coburn [“HEY!  Softly, quietly and politely! You’re the best and the brightest in the town of Framingham!”]
  • plural noun – vacuum cleaners

And here’s the story that was generated:

Harry and Ray Lallana

On the Track of Bigfoot

One spooky day, our class went hiking along the Los Gatos River. Like all clumsy hikers, we were ready for any emergency. In our backpacks, we carried bobcats, grapes, and one great white shark.

As we walked along the trail, Your Mom noticed a squishy footprint. “Do you think an elbow made these tracks?” Your Mom asked.

“No, but let’s follow them anyway,” suggested Ray Lallana.

We evaporated for hours. Then I screamed, “Zoinks!! I think I see a huge left pinky toe.”

“I’m kind of a big deal!” we heard someone say. It was Mr. Coburn.

“Mr. Coburn!” we screamed. “We thought you were a huge left pinky toe!”

“Do I look like a huge left pinky toe? Well, as long as you’re all here, you can help me look for vacuum cleaners. There are lots of them here along the Los Gatos River. We can take them back to school and study them under our microscopes.”

“I’m kind of a big deal!!” everyone said.


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