Where’s My Slingshot?

He wants to mess up some pigs.

Like so many people, I enjoy the game Angry Birds.  I’m not much of a gamer, mainly because I suck so badly at most of them, but Angry Birds is one that I love to play.  When Rovio started selling plush toys of the Birds (and the Pigs), I had to buy one.  I needed one of these guys to be in my house.

Unfortunately, now that the Red Angry Bird is here, hanging out in my living room, I’m constantly tempted to set up a slingshot and fling him towards the furniture!

For your viewing pleasure, the Angry Birds Peace Treaty video…

One comment

  1. haha that is so cute 😀 gather a bunch and itll be like ANGRY birds in your living rooom 😀 aweesome!

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