Two for One, Three for Two

On my way home from work today, I took a detour to The Men’s Wearhouse.  I needed a batch of collar stays for my dress shirts, and it was the only place I knew that would have them.

Going to The Men’s Wearhouse is always a risky proposition. Guys will back me up on this… they do a fantastic job of milking you for a ton of money every time you walk in there.  Sure, you don’t wear suits and ties to work, but OF COURSE you need three new suits, eleven dress shirts and tie combinations, and three pairs of shoes!

This trip, I managed to walk out with the collar stays and only the collar stays.  Willpower!

However, they have a store-wide “buy one, get one free” sale going on, which means I’m sure I’ll go back this weekend to do a little shopping.

Everything is on sale as “buy one, get one free”, with one exception — shoes.  The salesperson told me that shoes were on sale as “buy one pair, get the second pair for half off”, which is still a pretty good deal.

Of course, now I got it into my head that it means you could buy a total of three shoes for the price of two.  Wonder what they would do if I asked for one left, one right, and another left?


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