Let’s Try This Again

Six months ago, on January 1st, I started the “Post A Day” challenge on WordPress.  For the month of January, I was in good shape, going 31 for 31. Unfortunately, it only took a couple of days into February for my streak to be snapped. By mid-February, the ol’ blog was pretty much gathering dust and cobwebs.

Today, I kick off another attempt at “Post A Day”. Wish me luck! I’ve been wanting to come back and start writing again, and there’s a nice symmetry about starting again six months to the day of the last attempt. Coincidentally, I was in Houston on January 1st and now here I am in Houston again for July 1st.

April and I are visiting her parents for the holiday weekend, and not coincidentally, my Boston Red Sox are in town to play her Houston Astros in an interleague series. We’ll be catching the first two games of the series (tonight and tomorrow) at Minute Maid Park, my first chance to see the 2011 edition of the Sox in person.

The roof had better be closed tonight!


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