Achilles Finger


Sauron and Isildur

I sat down on the couch tonight and turned on the television.  Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring was just starting on one of the cable movie channels, and I figured that would make for great background sound for my daily blog posting.  I had a whole blog post planned out for today,

Maybe 6 minutes into the start of the movie, the dark lord Sauron is kicking some serious ass, and just when it looks like he’s completely conquered the armies against him, Isildur takes a swing at him with a broken sword.  It’s a lucky swing, since it chops off Sauron’s ring finger, the one wearing the One Ring, and that puts a serious damper on Sauron’s corporeal form.

This struck me as highly improbable, even for a fantasy story where suspension of disbelief is a prerequisite.  You’re telling me that this total badass dark lord, full of evil magic with his ring of power, after decimating the armies of men… and all it took was taking a sword to his finger to defeat him?  And it takes him thousands of years to even start to come back into power?

Achilles had his heel; Glass Jaw Joe had his jaw.  Sauron had his finger.  Go figure.

Glass Jaw Joe

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