Why I’m Not A Poker Pro

Reason #106 why I do not play poker professionally: I make bad betting decisions.

I played about seven hands in the SJG poker tournament today. On the fourth hand of the day, I was dealt KQ, and raised into someone who’d already raised 4x the big blind. Stupid bet on my part already, and it only got worse from there. Flop comes with a queen, and I bet big. He bets back into me, and I say, “All in.” He calls and turns over AQ, and then I say, “Oh shit.”

I had him covered by ten chips, which I milked for two more hands before giving up the ghost. I finished in 106th place….out of 107 players. Pathetic.


  1. So JN, what was your error? Raising vs someone who’d already raised to 4x? At what point does rational observance of the cards in sight trump your faith in the quality of your hand?

    1. I don’t mind my pre-flop raise from 4x to 8x. And I was first to raise after the flop, when my queen paired. But when he went back over the top of my bet, I should have folded at that point. There were too many hands possible that were ahead of me: QQ, AQ, KK, Q plus something else that paired with the board (unlikely), or another little pocket pair that made a set with the board (highly unlikely). Better to limp away from the hand with my tail between my legs, but still have plenty of ammo left. My hand wasn’t all that good, and I knew that that the moment. My real hubris was in trying to establish a table image so early.

  2. Maybe next week you could post about coming up to the city and buying me a beer while I’m in town. It would be cheaper than a poker habit.

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