40 Days Of Laundry

Back in May, the clothes dryer in the house conked out after 11 years.  I didn’t have it covered under home warranty, and there wasn’t much point in repairing an 11 year old clothes dryer, so April and I went to Sears and bought a new dryer. While we were at it, we bought a new washing machine as well.  My logic was that the old washing machine was just as old and inefficient as the old dryer had been, and it would be wise to upgrade to a new washing machine to match the new dryer.

June 1st, the new appliances are delivered to the house and installed. “Rejoice!” we thought, “We can do laundry again!”  Alas, it was not meant to be.

We fiddled with the new washing machine, trying to find the magic combination of settings that would make it finish a full cycle as expected.  The Normal cycle seemed to be okay most of the time.  Whites and Delicates were failures.  We’d start the cycle, the drum would fill with water, it’d agitate for a bit, and then it would drain without ever running the rest of the cycle.  Then we’d try running the cycle again, same results.

Were we doing something incorrect?  Loading too much into the machine?  Pushing the wrong buttons in the wrong order?  I couldn’t fathom how we were being outsmarted by a washing machine.

We called for a service repair.  Of course, they couldn’t find anything out of the ordinary.  To humor us, they ordered a new motherboard for the washing machine — never thought I’d write that combination of words — to be delivered to the house within a couple of weeks.

The days go by, we manage to get our clothes clean using the Normal cycle or the occasional success with other cycles.  The new motherboard arrives, and we have another service appointment scheduled for last Thursday.  Service person comes out, replaces the motherboard, declares victory.  After they leave, we try again… and the cycle dies once more.

By this point, I’m ready to blow a gasket. I call Sears once again, and schedule a replacement to be delivered.

Today, 40 days after the original was delivered, the new washing machine was delivered and installed.  SUCCESS!!!  We’re able to do laundry again!

When I heard the electronic chimes tone to indicate success, I felt like we’d really accomplished something.  We’d been through a long battle and came out on the other side, smelling like a meadow.


  1. I have a front-loader, which is quieter, uses less water, and cheaper to operate than any top-loader I’ve had. It’s a Kenmore, not far off this model:


    Previously we had a great one – a Bosch, of a style that looked eerily like this Frigidaire:
    http://www.sears.ca/product/frigidaire-31cuft-front-load-washer/626-000013730-FTF530FS?campaign=rr_catalog-L2_RecentHistoricalItems_0_2 (I have a theory that some european manufacturers sell their two or three year old manufacturing machinery to the Chinese, who then build commodity appliances for previously American brands like Frigidaire and Kenmore.

    All front loaders benefit from sitting on a stand. I made mine out of $12 worth of lumber, $1.20 worth of screws, 2.5 hours and a $250 18v power drill, also Bosch. Yay power tools!

    1. I’d be okay with a front-loader, but the girlfriend is skittish about it based on some of the horror stories about mildew and the seals not being particularly sturdy. I was looking online last night at an LG that’s the leader in the clubhouse at the moment. Going to check it out at my local Sears today.

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