It Sucks To Be Me

The Cast of Avenue Q, San Jose Stage Company

No, not really… life is pretty good for yours truly these days 🙂

That’s the title to one of the songs from the musical Avenue Q, which me and April went to see last night in their penultimate performance at The Stage in San Jose.

I really didn’t know anything about Avenue Q before last night — I knew it was a musical, that it had puppets but was NOT for children.  Other than that, eyes wide open.

I wish I’d have known how much fun it was going to be.  I would have gone to see it earlier in their run in San Jose, and that would have allowed me to recommend it for everyone to see.  As it is, I can tell you this:  Go see this show when it comes to your city.

If a stage show has musical numbers with titles like:

  • What Do You Do With A B.A. In English?
  • It Sucks To Be Me
  • If You Were Gay
  • Everyone’s A Little Bit Racist
  • The Internet Is For Porn
  • I’m Not Wearing Underwear Today
  • My Girlfriend, Who Lives In Canada
  • And, my favorite… You Can Be As Loud As The Hell You Want (When You’re Makin’ Love)

You have to see it.

Great job by the San Jose cast, with special kudos to Rinabeth Apostol for getting the sounds right in the song “The More You Ruv Someone”, to Robert Brewer for going falsetto as Bad Idea Bear 2 and then going down several octaves to voice Trekkie Monster, and Monique Hafen for really belting it out when she finally gets to sing solo as Lucy The Slut.


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