Blues Traveler Concert

Recently, April and I went to see Blues Traveler in concert at Villa Montalvo. Yes, Blues Traveler is still touring!  They’re still a lot of fun to see perform, and they still sound great.  They’re longer in the tooth, but you can see they still have a blast up on stage, hamming it up to each other even more so than to the crowd.

Blues Traveler is one of those bands that reached national prominence during my college years, whose music still holds up over 15 years later — man, I’m getting old!  I’m listening to the Four album as I type up this post, and I’m sure I’ll still enjoy listening to this album in another 15 years.

Four (Blues Traveler album)

Image via Wikipedia

If you live in the San Jose area, find a reason to go to a concert at Villa Montalvo at least once… beautiful setting, intimate concert amphitheater, and of course, terrific weather in the summer for an outdoor show.  We were third row center, which makes you feel like the band is really playing for just you and a few other people, especially at a venue like Villa Montalvo.  To give you an idea of these seats, if you look at the back of the head two rows in front of me, that’s Steve Wozniak there. As April noticed, The Woz spends a LOT of time looking at Foursquare on his white iPhone 4.

It’s really a good time when you’re at a concert, hearing John Popper singing.

But you know what’s even better?  John Popper on the harmonica!

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