Stay Classy

(Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, huh?)

Most days, I commute to work via Caltrain, which is its own daily set of adventures.  For instance, this would’ve been a bit of a problem for me today:

However, today, I drove in, since I was going to be staying a bit late at the office.  The drive from Los Gatos to San Francisco is usually pretty uneventful, since I leave the house early enough to miss most of the traffic.

I’m heading north on 280, cruise control set just shy of 80 mph, hanging out in the left-most lane, minding my own business.  A Nissan Pathfinder came racing up behind me, tailgating me, which is never fun when you’re going that speed.  I flipped on my turn signal, indicating that I’d get out of his way just as soon as I could comfortably pass the Toyota Prius to my right.  The Pathfinder jackhole, however, was far too impatient for my safe driving.  He darted into the gap between me and the Prius, as I was just starting to change lanes, forcing me to swerve back into the left lane.

The jackhole pulled parallel with me, and held up a NY Yankees hat to his window as if to shove it in my face, then stepped on his gas pedal and swerved in front of me, forcing me to hit the brakes so I didn’t clip his bumper.  Then he sprayed his windshield cleaner, which of course has the effect of spraying MY windshield, before speeding away at a much higher rate of speed than I was going.

All because I have a Boston Red Sox license plate holder on my car.

Stay classy, Yankee fans…


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