The Measure Of A Soul

I’ve often thought that the true measure of a person’s soul is whether or not they can activate an automatic sink sensor. When you see someone in a public restroom, be it an office building or an airport, and they’re unable to get the sink to turn on, you can be sure that they’re lacking a soul.

Andrew Largeman from Garden State has soul, and the proof is at the 13 second mark of this trailer:

You can be sure Jake and Elwood would have ZERO trouble turning on an automatic sink. They’d even be able to get the soap to come out!

When the Rapture comes, the first thing to change back on Earth will be removal of all automatic sinks, replaced by old-fashioned sink faucets that need a turn of a knob to release the water.

One comment

  1. …. and you don’t like automatic sinks why? … because you ain’t got no soul? I can’t imagine THAT’s true. Doesn’t seem right to me, tho I’m no Jake, Elwood or Zack.

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