No One Cares About My OTHER Fantasy Football Team, Either, 2011 Edition

Ndamukong Soup Nazis

Here’s the second half of my 2-part series on my fantasy football drafts this year.  After this post, I doubt I’ll mention fantasy football again the rest of the season… unless something really interesting happens!

Thursday was the draft with the co-workers.  Fifth year we’ve been doing this league, but for the first time, we had enough players to split into TWO leagues.

Brief details on structure:  12 round snake draft with 12 players; starting lineup is 1 QB, 2 RBs, 2 WRs, 1 TE, 1 RB/WR/TE flex, 1 K, 1 Defense/Special Teams, and 2 bench spots. Scoring is pretty standard for a Yahoo league.

Here’s the results of my draft, with commentary mixed in where appropriate:

  1. QB Michael Vick, PHI (#10 overall pick, 3rd QB off the board… go big or go home!)
  2. RB Michael Turner, ATL (Had him last year, too, with almost the same pick; 8th WR off the board)
  3. WR DeSean Jackson, PHI (11th WR off the board; I’m betting big on the Philly aerial attack, apparently)
  4. RB Felix Jones, DAL (Picked him in my other draft this year as well, for the same reasons)
  5. WR Mike Williams, TB (Pretty damn good in his rookie season, with a young QB; should put up even better numbers this year)
  6. WR Percy Harvin, MIN (Three of the four picks between my 5th and 6th rounds were guys I’d queued up to pick — Jermichel Finley, Dwayne Bowe, Dallas Clark; now I’ll be rooting for Donovan McNabb to get him the ball, and praying for no migraines!)
  7. TE Aaron Hernandez, NE (Plays more like a WR, should continue to get plenty of targets in his second year; 5th TE picked in the 7th round alone, 10th TE overall)
  8. WR Malcolm Floyd, SD (Nothing interesting to say about him…)
  9. QB Kyle Orton, DEN (Insurance for Vick getting beaten up and missing time, otherwise I wouldn’t have carried a second QB on that short bench; only three more QBs picked the rest of the way after Orton)
  10. RB Pierre Thomas, NO (Sixty-five picks after rookie Mark Ingram, just sayin’…)
  11. DEF Detroit Lions (Carrying the Lions defense in both of my leagues, allowing me to name this team “Ndamukong Soup Nazis” as well!)
  12. K Rob Bironas, TEN (Gotta have a kicker…)
Boom or bust team, lots of question marks.  Success hinges on Michael Vick, plain and simple.  Read Matthew Berry’s Draft Day Manifesto, the section titled “Vick In A Box”, for why this is a good thing.

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